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December 2, 2010

This photograph is simply documentation of a performance. A man walks to the shops to purchase a pint of milk, his employee is paid to follow him, controlling the light on his face to be the most flattering possible. The work is being developed into a filmed performance which utilises the crew, as much as the character, as members of the cast – revealing some of the mechanics of cinema, whilst also emphasizing the impossibility of living in a movie in reality.” -Ruaidhri Ryan.

Beige Banquet have finally come out of our necessary creative hibernation, and have taken on a project alongside fine artist and fabulous gent Ruaidhri Ryan. Entitled ‘Diva’ Ruaidhri will be filming a video developing from the performance above, and Beige Banquet will be creating a collection to coincide with it. It is in the very early stages, but the purpose of the costumes will be to illuminate the ‘diva’ in a flattering way, taking his vanity to the absurd, extreme and beige. Below are our preliminary reference points, playing with light, reflection and performance. Stay posted for what we come up with, and keep an eye on Ruaidhri’s website for his progress with the project.

The godmother of Beige…

Morticia Addams…

Roisin’s performance amidst the banal…


And the grandmother of Beige…

BB x

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