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DIVA- Making Process

January 31, 2011

DIVA-our project with fine artist Ruaidhri Ryan is in full swing. Ruaidhri is developing the video side of things; he has made a test video with his own ‘DIVA’ headpiece that you can check out below. (don’t try this at home! haha)

Mean while we have been busy creating costumes for Ruaidhri to wear during the completed video, which will be filmed this weekend! Unfortunately we have been working in separate makeshift studios, so a lot of back and forth camera-phone pictures have been circulating between myself and Shane, so apologies for the poor quality blame bb (blackberry not beige banquet). But we thought we’d give an idea to some of the DIVA costumes and how they are coming along.

A reflective hood. A hood head piece made by Shane with a reflective inside.

Angular reflective beard/chin piece. A chin piece (worn like a mask across the back of the head) to reflect light onto the face by various jagged angles.

Pin wheel flat cap. A customised flat cap with a reflective pinwheel and extra shininess for DIVA reflection.

My hair doesn’t go with hats so well.

More costumes and pics soon! BB x

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