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DIVA – making process take II

February 2, 2011

Alice added a post of what we have been up to recently and im just adding some development from my end.

Ok, so i made a bow tie to accompany the hat that alice made, the tie is made from felt and incorporates pinwheels underneath just as the hat does. Both pictured together in above right picture.

Bow tie close up

I made another headpiece from fabric as a cross between the cap and the hood. The top is shaped around the head and two of the sections extend and join in a loop under the chin. The inside is metallic the same as the hood.

The head piece can be worn in different ways and is designed to be versatile above is the reflective side wrapped around the back of the neck.

The headpiece can also be pinned like on the left image above to make different shapes and styles. The right image is again another variation of how it can be worn.

Sweet, so yeah after a lot of thumb-staking hand sewing we are all done for a while now. So signed sealed delivered they’re yours Ruaidhri Ryan. Good luck with filming this weekend.

BB. x

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