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Make me a model// Presenting Ruaidhri

March 26, 2011

Our collaboration with Ruaidhri Ryan is finally complete. Make me a model (formerly DIVA) is ready for your interweb perusal. I feel like we’ve been a little slack in blogging the process fully, but never mind that! It has been really fun, and we are pleased with the final outcome.

As you will be able to see our website has undergone a little change in facade for to coincide with the completion of the project, so hop on over there and have a look at photos of our completed collection, and images of some of the pieces being used in performance art. ooooooooooh.

As part of the production the excellent photographer Almer Haser took some  studio shots of our collection; aptly named by Ruaidhri ‘Make me a model’- MEGALOLZ. Below are some of the ones that didn’t make it onto our site. Check out the demonic stare only a fine artist can achieve…

Accessories- Beige Banquet

Model/curation- Ruiadhri Ryan

Photography- Almer Haser

Styling- Alice Nyong

Almer did a great job, as has Ruaidhri we’d really like to work in conjunction with other artists and photographers in the future. Take a look at where you can view Ruaidhri’s completed video, and of course check out our website for more delicious pics!

BB x


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