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July 25, 2010

mischief managed.


We’re so satin Chic…

July 25, 2010

Despite what our blogging habits would suggest we are still alive! And still beige. London is the place, as I (Alice) have moved back here, and Shane is imminently arriving, after a flying visit to Scunthorpe. We aren’t really able to make any new work at the moment, without a studio or house of our own yet, but we are still the faux married couple we’ve always been and have been in constant contact planning planning planning beige world domination.

In our constant quest for all things shiney and fun on Thursday we were both in Camden, after winning two tickets to see Marina and the Diamonds and Goldfrapp!! Two beige musical favourites. We were not disappointed, as Marina was excellent and Allison Goldfrapp the lady herself was on tip top form. The stage was brilliant, in between acts a box was brought out not dissimilar to ours, and within minutes out popped this amazing silver donut construction, which made up the stage, and which colourful lights illuminated the brilliant performances. Her costumes were also amazingly beige, with a spangly cat suit which was interchanged with three brilliant jackets. Most of the show was done in this fringed black jacket that reminded me of an exploded cassette tape. (in a good way). Here are some snaps from where we were which was quite close actually.

Shane’s favourite jacket was the one she is wearing for ‘Strict Machine’ below, made out of amazing pink hair with brilliant statement shoulders. The atmosphere was absolutely electric by the time she performed this, we sung and danced our little beige hearts out…

She was truly fabulous, hit every note and was, as expected a DIVA. Allison- BB loves you.

April 19, 2010

Outfit Outtakes

April 19, 2010

While we have our Saturday/Sunday collection we have a collection of outfits that didn’t quite make the cut. Here’s some photos of our outtake outfits.

Purple Haze Shiney Craze

April 19, 2010

We recently took part in ‘Purple Haze’ exhibition, displaying solo work individually. Although this was really fun and rewarding we wanted a Beige Banquet presence, everybody knows purple and beige go excellently together. So we created a collection of semi-temporary accessories which went on sale at the stall in the space.

This was our section of the shop, with our beige goodies.

Our friend James McCann is organising a promotional pack for both our degree show and another show we are both partaking in in London, which he has coined as ‘arty bags’- bags of zines, prints and other exciting goods as a momento of the mind-blowing exhibitions. We are getting our beige skates on and making a hundred for each event to advertise beige banquet.

Come along to Bath Spa Art school on Friday 11th June at 6pm  or for Londoners Blackhall Studios 73 Leonard Street from the 24th-30th June to collect a bit of beige joy for FREE, or email us if you’d like to buy one!

The Peacock

April 19, 2010

Before our easter ‘holiday’ were asked to make a video for the advertising consultancy company eat big fish. We were given the brief of ‘saying vs. doing’ focusing on the mating rituals of peacocks. We made costumes in true beige style, focusing on the ornate nature of the peacock’s plumage, using square sequins, fringing, and gold regal crowns. Shane’s knowledge of after-effects, and Alice’s past as a pretentious drama student came into play, as we debuted the costumes and narrative in the video. Check it out below and see you at the Oscars…

Wacky Warehouse

April 19, 2010

Our tutor at uni recommended a beige field trip to the Bristol Scrapstore. It was fruitful to say the least! We payed a small sum for a trolley we could fill with all the weird and wonderful craft materials we could.

Alice investigating pots of surprises.

scrap festival tutu netting, ribbon, metallic material, cardboard, felt and FUN.

It was silver we HAD to have 20 metres.

foam tied together with granny bra elastic. flesh coloured of course.

Seats down to make room for our madness!

Alice’s dad and his financial advisers have recommended a beige joint account. we are holding off until we can be trusted not to spend all our profits on vats of lametta.  We don’t feel bad its for a good cause- profits go to a children’s charity.